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rsgoldfastshop Dec 5 '18
 Simply land onto the slanted roof or build your way up and you'll have the ability to collect the Battle Pass icon.

What is not tagged as Difficult but could be quite difficult is that the challenge asking you to fortnite weapons dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake. The ball is located at the northernmost of the three buildings which line the western shore of the lake. Input the ground floor and you'll realize the disco ball in the middle, surrounded by a dance flooring in all four corners
of the space. You'll want to coordinate with different players to each of dance on those concurrently; the procedure takes a couple of seconds as the disco ball rises up toward the ceiling. It's likely to do this with other random players, but your simplest bet will be to team up with three buddies and head there together.

Week 5 also jobs you to use a vending machine three times. This is relatively straightforward, but in case you have not used a vending machine before, you might be in a loss. Vending machines allow you to swap crafting materials for items; they're found in Buy fortnite items fixed areas, but they don't always appear in every match. You may consult our vending machine location manual to find likely spots for these to pop up, but make certain that you include wood, stone, or metal--the cost of working with the machine might be high based on the rarity.

Disco Ball Dance, Location Of Greasy Grove Treasure Map Racking two eliminations using the minigun or light machine gun seems straightforward enough, though it naturally takes you to happen upon one of the 2 weapons.